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AUC Medical School in St. Maarten

The American University of the For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. Caribbean (AUC) Medical School has been providing medical education to students from the US and around the world since 1978 and has excelled in the field. The wide M.D. faculty of experts of this medical school is committed to teaching clinical and medical sciences as well as sought after surgical practices.

Founded originally in Montserrat, British West Indies, the American University of the Caribbean transferred its medical science campus to St. Maarten in the Netherlands Antilles because of the1995 volcanic eruptions on Montserrat. The first two years of academic studies are taught on the island of St. Maarten at the modern medical campus located in the core of a pleasant Caribbean setting. The multi-million dollar campus was finished in 1998 and features architecturally designed facilities that endorses teaching and learning as well as hearten and overall living experience for medical students.

The AUC Medical School in St. Maarten has a campus that includes a three-story atrium, beautiful landscaping, and courtyard. All buildings of the campus are air-conditioned while the outdoors is accommodated with shaded areas and breezeways. Modern lecture halls enhanced with visual/audio technology, anatomical dissection laboratories, clinical patient examination rooms, fully equipped biological science laboratories, and an extensive library with modern student computer center, provides for promoting comprehensive study to all medical students. Close at hand to the medical campus are the living facilities of the students consisting of apartments located within a five-minute walk from the school grounds.

The AUC Medical School in St. Maarten also has an academic program that’s modeled after U.S. medical school curriculum where medical students receive outstanding preparation for the US Medical Licensing Examinations (USMLE) steps one and two. Basic sciences are taught on AUC Medical School in St. Maarten while the clinical rotations are offered at affiliated hospitals in the UK, US, and Ireland. The students also partake in the National resident Matching Program.

The school is also fully accredited per the rules of the US Department of Education and approved for the US Federal Family Education Loan Program. The school’s curriculum consists of nine and a half semesters; five semesters of basic sciences taught at the St. Maarten university grounds, and four and a half semesters of clinical and medical sciences taught at affiliated hospitals in the UK, Ireland, and US.

The AUC Medical School in St. Maarten has Basic Science tuition amounting to $11,000 per semester and Clinical Science tuition of $12,000 per semester. The school provides for a solid foundation in basic medical sciences to develop strong clinical skills in students to successfully progress through the clinical phase of medical education. The Basic Science faculty in St. Maarten is an exceptional group of professors that live up to the reputation of the medical school bringing about successful medical students.