Payment Protection Partners Want A Slice of the Pie

December 11, 2012 by thesugar | Filed under PPI News.

The location of PPI Scotland is packed with customer convenience. Individuals who desire to file the PPI claim personally do not have to go far. With the ease with which requirements can be prepared, this can be helpful to you the customer. Forms can be downloaded for free from government websites and there is online help from consumer advocates. With such a surrounding, you might think that claims firms and claims partners are running out of business. You a dead wrong, payment protection partners still want a slice of the pie when it comes to PPI claims.

Why do some individuals hire payment protection partners, instead of doing the claim themselves? Claims firms have engaged in a massive ad campaign informing individuals that it is difficult to claim and the best alternative is to hire a claims partner. They also made a massive ad campaign of the “no-win, no-fee” deal. They even give a list of how convenient it is to hire a claims partner than doing the claim yourself. Some of the things they are saying a true and some are false of course. All they want to convey is that you hire them and they get a fee for their service.

These are some of the things that claims partners tell you, so that you get to hire them. They will say that even your old PPI agreement can still be entitled to a claim. The statement is neutral because that would depend how old your PPI is. If it is over ten years old, you may no longer be entitled to a claim. While most mis sold PPI happened during the past ten years, there is a cut-off date for certain types of claims. If your old PPI falls before the cut-off date, it may no longer qualify. So the statement of claims firms is not absolutely true.

The no-win, no-fee deal is the most abused of all statements made by claims partners and claims firms near PPI Scotland. Some stick to this deal to the letter. Most do not follow this deal. Many consumers were victimized by claims partners who say they follow the no-win, no-fee deal but ask what is commonly referred to as upfront fees. The Ministry of Justice does not allow this kind of arrangement. But claims firms go around the rule by saying that what they are collecting is a communication fee, or arrangement fee or mobilization fee. Whatever it fee it is, it is a violation of the no-win, no-fee arrangement.

It is true that payment protection partners want a slice of the PPI claims market so badly. They come up with all sorts of marketing stuff. One gimmick is that they will state that the minimum claim that they were able to process is four thousand pounds. This may not be true after all. Some even claim that the highest claim they successfully process run into more than ten thousand pounds. This may be an overstated statement. This is happening in PPI Scotland.

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