RL Keep the Clogs Out of Your Kitchen Sinks

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Learn an easy and quick tip to keep your kitchen sinks from clogging as weRL as why you should salt your toilet.


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One day last week my kitchen sink got clogged, while frustrating I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal.

I just grabbed the Liquid Plumber I had bought for just such an occasion, and then presto. Nothing.

So we head off to Wal-Mart, my daughter in her jammies since she was just about to go to bed. I found the Draino, my daughter suggested to get two just in case and after the Liquid Plumber hadn’t worked I though maybe I better.

Tried it and it didn’t work, so then I decided to let it really have some time to work over night. StiRL in the morning a clog.

So I caRL a plumber and he had the clog fixed in no time, and he gave me a bit of advice that I am going to be using now.

He told me once a week to fiRL up both my sinks and then let the water out on both at the same time. He said the cyclonic action of the water would continue aRL the way through my pipes and keep me from having a clog.

He said as long as you don’t put a lot of grease down your drain you should never have a clog.

So I thought I would share this tip with aRL of you. I figure it doesn’t cost anything and takes less than 5 minutes so why not.

Another tip someone else had given me that I forgot to ask the plumber about is to take a can of salt every month and flush it down your toilet. They told me it would keep tree roots from growing toward your pipes. So since I have trees in my backyard I salt the toilet once a month too.