Selecting a Golf School – What’s Imp
ortant to You?

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Different students will have different criteria to satisfy when choosing a golf school – but there are some requirements that should be generic.

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Different students will have different criteria to satisfy when choosing a

golf school – but there are some requirements that should be generic.

Some will place a high value on the teaching skills of

the professional instructors; others will be more interested in the facilities available. For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. Some students of golf will be basing their

decision purely on cost and some will want to explore the social scene at the school.

At the end of the day, people go to

golf school to learn to play golf and all of the other facilities have to be ranked in accordance with personal preference.

When considering a school, it is important to explore its teaching principles. Ask if the school welcomes students of all ages

and abilities. It is very beneficial for absolute beginners to have the opportunity to mix with and observe more experienced

players. Check to see if the school caters for a particular age group – sometimes this is the case.

Find out the student to

instructor ratio. The cost of one-to-one tuition is usually prohibitive and attending golf school will usually be a lower cost option

but it is essential that the student instructor ratio is low to ensure that the student will still receive adequate instruction in a

group environment. Tuition in large groups is not to be recommended as too much time is lost whilst the instructor manages

the group.

Many schools now offer a wide variety of high tech gadgets and training aids to assist the student to model the

perfect swing and also to analyze their own efforts. Whilst all of these gadgets look very impressive and they undoubtedly have

a part to play in teaching the novice, nothing beats quality face to face instruction with a professional who knows and loves the


When making a decision about which golf school to attend do not be afraid to ask about the instructor’s

qualifications and experience and also his or her status with the PGA. The very best way to learn is from someone who can

play, and play well. Classroom theory is fine but it is experience and the practical application of the theory from which students

learn most.

Price may be a factor when considering which golf school to attend and, as with all things in life, the cheapest

is not always the best option. Rather than looking for cheapness look for value for money, there is a distinction. Calculate your

budget and decide how to spend it. Consider taking fewer lessons at a better and probably more expensive school if funds are


Remember, learning golf, as with the learning process of any new skill, can only be accomplished if the student

is prepared to practice. It really does not matter how good the school nor how good the instructor if the student is not willing to

translate what he has learned into practice on the green.