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Extensive Education in the University Of Maryland School Of Nursing

The University Of Maryland School Of Nursing has been in existence since 1889, making it one of the oldest nursing schools in America. Not only does it boast of a rich and long history spanning more than a hundred years, but also a consistent recognition as one of America’s top ten nursing schools.

The University For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. Of Maryland School Of Nursing is located in a campus in Baltimore together with other professional schools of the University. It is the largest nursing school in the state of Maryland with a current enrollment of about 1,300 students and over 100 faculty members.

It offers extensive nursing education programs from the traditional two-year undergraduate nursing program to an online bachelor’s degree program for registered nurses. The school also offers graduate programs such as Master’s Studies with over 20 specialty studies to include critical care, psychiatric health nursing and nursing administration as well and Doctoral degrees.

The University Of Maryland School Of Nursing initiated several education programs in nursing such as nursing informatics and nursing health policy including a program for midwifery. In addition, The University of Maryland School Of Nursing offers distance-learning programs enabling both undergraduate and graduate students to complete their studies off-campus from outreach locations all over Maryland.

The University Of Maryland School Of Nursing provides its students wide-ranging clinical education and hands-on training through its partnerships with various hospital and health care providers in Maryland as well as by utilizing its own state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories. Some of its practicum sites are the University of Maryland Medical System, the Shady Grove Hospital and the Johns Hopkins Hospital and many others.

Each program of The University of Maryland School Of Nursing has its own set of criteria for admissions, which you can find on their website. You may also apply online or download application forms from the site. The school’s admission staff regularly offers information sessions for those seeking advice and more information about the school’s curriculum and other admission-related concerns.

In addition to state funding, The University Of Maryland School Of Nursing also receives support from its philanthropic partners from businesses, foundations and alumni who have invested in the school to help it continue its mission of providing excellent quality nursing education. There are several ways to invest in the school from cash donations to investment funds and bequests. Contact the Development Staff of The University of Maryland School Of Nursing for more information on how to give to the school.