DPC Tips For Setting Up Your Above Ground Pool

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Ten Quick tips for setting up a soft sided above ground pool with an inflatable ring at the top.

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Don’t we wish these pools would have been on the market when we were kids! These pools put the plastic pools from my childhood to shame.

But there IS a little more to setting them up then tossing in the hose. Just follow your pools directions, but keep these tips in mind too.

1. Put down a layer of level sand under your tarp or ground cloth to make it more stable and resistant to tears.

2. Place the filter in a corner area of your square ground cloth so it is more likely to remain upright and away from the mower.

3. Your filter has to plug in, be sure and use a bright colored extension cord to eliminate trips and falls.

4. Always have a patch kit or two on hand, they do work well but you may lose a lot of water if you have to run to the store when and if you need one.

5. Get as many wrinkles out of the liner as possible starting with the middle.

6. Add the water slowly until all the wrinkles have been smoothed out. Too much water makes it hard, if not impossible, to work out the wrinkles.

7. Double check to make sure the drain plug is in.

8. Double check to make sure your pump hoses are secure and burp the air out of the pump before you plug it in.

9. Read the chemical labels and learn what to add when. It really isn’t that hard if you consistently take care of it.

10. Have Fun!! Be sure and supervise your children carefully and to keep the chemicals out of reach. Also remember that pool covers are meant to keep debris out of the pool and are not meant as a safety device to keep children safe. That is your job, you will be the lifeguard always on duty with a pool in the yard.

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ARW Why should you buy an air purifier

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The great guide about the air purifiers.

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Did you know that the indoor air is at least six times more contaminated than the outdoor air? Unfortunately, you cannot clean the outdoor air but what you can do is to improve the quality of the indoor air. The only device that could help you do this is an air purifier. It eliminates the indoor air from various contaminants, such as simple dust, volatile gases, pollen, pet dander and dust mites. More sophisticated air cleaning devices can even rid of dangerous bacteria and viruses leaving your house a healthy place to live at.

You might be asking yourself why you should waste your money on an air purifier. And you would be surprised what indoor air contaminants do to your health. They irritate your respiratory system and with time may cause a lot of disorders. So, buying an air purifier that would clean the indoor air of your house is not a waste of money. On the contrary, preventing serious health disorders from occurring can actually save your money and time.

Those, who suffer from allergies or asthma and other respiratory diseases, know how poor indoor air quality affects their health. Indoor air pollutants may aggravate the symptoms of these diseases. It is not true that closing all the windows and doors helps the indoor air keeping clean and healthy. All the contaminants from the outdoor are brought to your home by heating and cooling systems. All of these contaminants accumulate in your living environment putting you and your family in danger. The only way to change that is to buy a residential air purifier.

A lot of trials have been made in order to find out whether air purifiers can reduce health effects or not. The trials have showed that the use of air purifiers definitely reduces certain health effects. These include minor effects, such as eye and lung irritation. In addition, air cleaning devices may reduce the risk for some serious disorders, such as cancer and decreased lung function.
Those who cannot bear the tobacco smoke in their living environment should also consider buying an air purifier. Most air purifiers eliminate cigarette smoke from the indoor air, reducing not only disgusting smell but also serious health effects.

Children are extremely sensitive to airborne pollutants therefore those, who care about their children’s health, should seriously consider using an air purifier in their environment. Pet danders, pollen, volatile organic compounds, cigarette smoke are only few mentioned contaminants that may affect children’s health and cause serious illnesses. Since children are exposed to dangerous airborne compounds from the early childhood, they may get serious diseases, such as asthma, various allergies, lung irritation and even lung cancer in the end.

Anyone who cares to breathe the air that is clean, healthy, and free of various pollutants and allergens should buy an air purifier for their homes. It may be either portable or non-portable, depending on the area coverage. Especially those, who are extremely sensitive to the indoor air pollution, should consider having an air purification system. Such are asthma sufferers, people who have allergies, children, youth and the elderly people. Poor quality of the indoor air affects these people the most.
In the end, it is of course your individual decision you have to make on the use of air purifiers. Most health organizations recommend people to use air purification systems to improve their indoor air quality. There are various factors one should consider before making one’s decision on an air purifier. But what really matters the most is what you cannot see or feel – the indoor air quality. You shouldn’t take it for granted.

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DDW Bed Buying Guides for How To FInd the Best Advice

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Getting the best bed buying advice is sometimes not that easy to do, if you know where to look it can however be found.

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The bed experts will be able to offer you some prime niche info on issues such as obtaining the lowest price on metal twin full bunk beds and how to acquire the right merchandise guarantee while buying a bed, such bed assistance will surely make sure you order the best products for your needs.

The majority of home improvement research can easily lead you to far too many products, quite a few bed portals will often have a ton of items, this might often be truly overwhelming, heavy duty bed frames, , so much to choose from, it might then be difficult to decide which futon bunk bed to buy.

You should also be aware that bed specialists and other folk who might perhaps deal with beds can easily be found via the regional phone listings, you should find plenty of people who are connected in some way with the subject of beds and these people could save you a vast amount of your valuable time by assisting you with your bed focused inquiries.

You will see that interior design listings are a relatively useful source of knowledge on numerous products such as bed quilts and full size loft beds, these type of directories can be located all over the net.

One of the best bed purchasing tips that anybody can present you with is, do not buy the first merchandise you see, looking through a small variety of bed websites will give any consumer a sufficient amount of details to carry out a good price check.

This bed search tip is especially valuable, instead of simply using a research term like “beds “, you should make use of a more particular search engine phrase such as”new bed and bedding stores” or “adjustable bed consumer reports”, in doing this your results are going to be highly targeted to your specific bed needs.

Say you are actually looking for heavy duty bed frames or water bed parts, without a doubt these type of products may very well not actually be widely available on that many sites, try to ensure that you employ your PC favorites button whenever you carry out this variety of bed focused research, your important info should be treated with the greatest of care.

The vast majority of the bed related tips that you will locate online are all about assisting consumers to purchase particular bed merchandise including twin metal bunk beds and king size water bed mattresses, obtaining this variety of bed information can often be very arduous indeed.

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DDWex Retractable Awnings – Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Retractable Awnings

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Retractable awnings provide sun and heat protection, while reducing energy bills and improving the value of your home.

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Looking for a way to reduce your electric bills or just improve the exterior appearance of your house? Investing in retractable awnings can do all that and much, much more. The top ten reasons to invest in retractable awnings starts and ends with sun and heat protection.

Whether you live in the Northeast or the Southwest, the summer sun can be merciless as it beats down on your patio, your windows or your business. The solution is to install a retractable awning developed from the strictest engineering standards and made from the highest quality materials.

Before the summer sun peaks in the sky, it s time to make your ideal patio dreams come true. Imagine sitting beneath the cool shade afforded by the retractable awning with no worry about fading, cleaning or wear and tear. The wind is not going to rip it away, the rain is not going to rust it and you can program it to retract to meet different conditions. Businesspersons and homeowners alike can appreciate the convenience; the quality and the atmosphere a retractable awning can deliver.

So just what is that makes retractable awnings so impressive? Check this list out:

10. European engineering and design makes even the largest retractable awnings not only possible, but also desirable for commercial & residential use. For states where outdoor seating areas are growing in popularity at restaurants, the large options are the best options.

9. Set the controls to your preferences, whether you want the switch to be indoors, outdoors or available on a remote control.

8. Fading isn t an issue. Your colorful umbrellas will fade. Your permanent addition can rust. Your aluminum frame retractable awning with solution dyed acrylic fabric will not rust nor will it fade within the manufacturer s warranty.

7. Energy efficiency is at a premium with deregulation of power companies and rising gas prices. Retractable awnings can reduce heat on the interior of a home or a business by as much as 77 percent according to a study by the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). Factor the effects of those savings on your utility bills.

6. Adding room without construction costs. Your retractable awning can add a great patio area for a restaurant or an outside lounging area to your home. A retractable awning is a great deal less expensive than a permanent structure.

5. The are numerous sensor options available for making the retractable awning exactly what you would like it to be whether you live in a hurricane prone area or a hot, dry desert. Wind, sun and rain are no problem.

4. Little to no maintenance is required. Retractable awning manufacturers back their product with up to a 25 year warranty.

3. Improving the exterior appearance of your home while enjoying the benefits of shade. Retractable awnings come in a variety of styles and colors. Whether decorating for an Italian villa, a beach house or a country farmhouse, retractable awnings can match any facade.

2. Rain protection makes up a smaller percentage of retractable awnings sales. Whether the awning provides a place for customers to get out of a gentle shower or just allows you to sit out on the patio during a warm, spring rain (with sufficient pitch); the retractable awning offers a great look and protection rolled into one.

1. First rate sun and heat protection that can make late afternoons and evenings on the porch or deck a pleasurable experience. The majority of customers looking into retractable awnings are doing so for sun protection. Why sit under the sun or ducking your head under an umbrella, when a retractable awning provides full area coverage and all the shade you could desire?

Health Choices

Trying To Lose Weight? Here’s A Low Carb Tip “If it’s white, don’t eat it.”

This article was originally written by Dr. Howard Hagglund M.D.

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Trying to LOSE WEIGHT? Here’s a tip… if it’s white, don’t eat it!
Dr. Hagglund’s Healthy Eating Tips
(All wheat products, bananas*, breads, rice, sugar, and potatoes.)
Research has shown that these foods almost triple your blood sugar rise in proportion to how many calories they carry… nobody knows why for sure but it’s clear that foods high in carbohydrates cause your pancreas to increase your insulin production.
The reason we “pack fat” is insulin. Insulin is commonly thought of as “what’s missing” from a person with diabetes. But it’s more than that. Besides controlling the level of blood sugar in your body, it causes you to be hungry!
It sends you searching through your house at night for chocolate and cookies! It turns on the fat storing machine in the fat cells of your body and further, blocks those fat cells from releasing their stored fat.
The result is that as you eat and exercise, your body can’t convert the stored fat to sugar to burn for energy, which is the desired result of both eating and exercise… which makes you want to eat more after the effects of your workout pass. It’s a vicious cycle!
One powerful way of blocking the effect of carbohydrates and the rise of insulin is to put high quality proteins into your metabolic system in front of everything you eat. Even if you’re eating wedding cake, try to take in some protein before you eat it… a piece of lean beef or a soft boiled egg. The protein turns on the metabolic processes in the cells to burn the blood sugar faster and therefore stop the insulin rise.
90% of what we eat has to be turned into sugar to be passed through the energy burning systems of the body. Controlling insulin is not just about stopping sugar intake.
You must understand that many foods, especially the white ones, get turned into sugar. It’s easy to lose track of this fact. Watch those carbs! They are the precursor to the production of sugar in your body which over-stimulates insulin and it ‘s the insulin that “packs the fat ” on you.
*People commonly think that bananas are healthy food because they provide potassium. These days, bananas are mostly picked green and shipped, and the potassium content isn’t nearly what it used to be. The potassium benefit really doesn’t outweigh the negative effects of the high sugar content.
Howard E. Hagglund, M.D.

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RL Types of Bathroom Faucets

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This article is about bathroom faucets and aRL the types of bathroom faucets. It is a must read for anyone interested in renovating their bathroom and installing a new faucet in their bathroom sink or bathtub.

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You wiRL only realize how many types of bathroom faucets there are on the market when you decide to instaRL on in your bathroom. Bathroom faucets are made from many different materials, there are many different brands and even come in many different colours. Bathroom faucets however, can be categorized based on the materials they are made of. The most common materials that are used to make bathroom faucets are chrome, stainless steel, brushed nickel or brass.
It is almost impossible to know exactly which one to choose from especially when new in the bathroom renovation process. Design might be a factor when selecting a type of bathroom faucet or sometimes the color. To get a better understanding of bathroom faucets before you venture off to buy a specific type of faucet you should know exactly what kinds of faucets are there. Most bathroom faucets, like every other kind of faucet, is categorized based on the materials used to make them.
The most popular type of bathroom faucets are the ones made from stainless steel. This kind of finish is the most popular due to its durability and long lasting nature. Stainless steel faucets are usually cheaper than other kinds of faucets.
Nevertheless, the stainless steel type does not faRL behind in pros. Steel is durable and therefore it does not tarnish. As a result these types of faucets can last a lifetime. These types of fixtures are also easy to install. You don t need to be a plumber to know how to do it; just follow the instructions. There are however some disadvantages as well. These are associated with the marks fingertips can easily leave on the steel. Stainless steel can accumulate hard to clean fingerprints very easy.
One more popular type of bathroom faucets are the ones made from chrome. Chrome bathroom fixtures are fairly common in households. The way they are made is by using the electroplating method on brass and finishing the product with chrome. Chrome fixtures are much shinier than stainless steel fixtures and are usually priced reasonably. Price of the faucet depends on design as weRL so you can find some chrome faucets in high prices. The basic and most important feature of chrome bathroom faucets is that never erode and do not get scratched easily. Although chrome bathroom faucets have many positive features, they have one downside. Water marks easily stain these faucets and after long periods of usage, and after some years, the finish might disintegrate.
Brass is one more material used to make bathroom faucets. This type of faucet is less popular than then chrome and stainless steel one.
These faucets are solid, made only from brass and are very durable. Durability and style come with a price however and brass bathroom faucets usually cost more than other types. They give out a unique look to every bathroom installed in and really look stylish. The only problem that can occur with a brass faucet is rust. That s why if you instaRL a brass faucet you should seal it right away. Scratches are another thing, that s why it wiRL need polishing every now and then.
OveraRL and as you can see there are many types of faucets out there for any prospective buyer to choose from. Buying a specific faucet for your bathroom should depend on what exactly you want to do with your bathroom, and how exactly you want it to look.

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DDW Solar Energy Is Hot!

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No doubt you ve heard plenty about solar power but always thought it was too expensive, aside from minor uses in the now popular garden lighting systems. However, with fuel prices climbing and solar cells becoming more reasonable, adding solar power to your home is a great, long term solution to high energy bills.

That isn t to say they re cheap. Before rebates, it typically takes 12 or more years for a homeowner to make their investment in solar panels back. That s much l…

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No doubt you ve heard plenty about solar power but always thought it was too expensive, aside from minor uses in the now popular garden lighting systems. However, with fuel prices climbing and solar cells becoming more reasonable, adding solar power to your home is a great, long term solution to high energy bills.

That isn t to say they re cheap. Before rebates, it typically takes 12 or more years for a homeowner to make their investment in solar panels back. That s much longer than the average person is willing to wait. However, many states now offer rebates, so the final cost to the homeowner is much less than it use to be. The rebates vary from state to state, so it s impossible to say how much of an impact they have overall. There may also be federal incentives.

Solar panels are also steadily becoming more efficient. They produce more energy than they used to. They require relatively little maintenance, many of which you may be able to do yourself. This helps to make them very cost effective.

Solar energy isn t just for making electricity. You can use it heat the water for your swimming pool or heat your home. There are many options available for those who are interesting in building an energy efficient home without sacrificing comfort.

Solar power is much, much cheaper than it used to be, as prices have fallen by 90% since the 1970s. That doesn t make it cheap – yet! – to install enough photovoltaic cells to power a house, but in some areas the incentives given to install solar cells cuts the overall cost to the homeowner about in half.

To decide if solar energy is right for you, take some basic figures into consideration.

Check your energy consumption. You need to know how big a system you will need to power your home. Make sure you consider your highest consumption levels and the possibility that it will grow somewhat.

Find out how much a photovoltaic system to meet your need will cost you. The size will depend both on your energy need and on the available sunlight (solar resource) in your area.

Find out what rebates and incentives are available to you to help decrease your costs.

Consider whether your system will be on the grid or off. On the grid has the advantage that you can sell when you have an excess and buy electricity when you don t have enough, while with an off the grid system you have a battery to store your excess.

Consider what the environmental benefits are worth to you. This is a personal factor rather than a direct economic one. It won t save you money, but knowing that you re contributing a little less to pollution might change how you feel about the expense.

Choosing to use solar power in your home is an investment you can appreciate on many levels. Over a number of years it will save you money as you generate environmentally friendly energy. It s not cheap to get started, but when you combine the environmental benefits with decreasing your reliance on fuel costs you can certainly appreciate the possibilities.

Patios Cork

CC Retractable Sunsetter Awning Add It To Your Home Or Camper

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Awnings are a great way to improve your home, especially sunsetter awnings

sunsetter awning, sunsetter awnings, sunsetter retractable awnings

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A Sunsetter awning is the Mercedes Benz of awnings. When you are looking for the top of the line retractable awnings, Sunsetter is the brand name you need to look for. This company offers three different models of awnings as well as the Sunsetter EasyShade to help you block out the heat of the sun. One of the features you can enjoy with the top rated Sunsetter awning is that you can operate the motor with a remote control.

The top selling and most expensive Sunsetter awning is the Pro Motorized awning. This model of Sunsetter awnings has a weather breaker panel integrated with the front bar. This is a screen that you can roll down in front of these Sunsetter retractable awnings to protect you from the breeze blowing the napkins off the patio table. Although it will block about 60% of the sun s rays, this feature of the awning will still allow light to filter through. It unrolls in seconds, but it is not motorized like the retractable awning. A few cranks of the hand mechanism are all it will take to have it in place.

When you use the Pro Motorized Sunsetter awning, you have to use a remote control for opening and closing. The motor used in these Sunsetter awnings is the best you can get the Somfy RTS. When you install the Sunsetter retractable awnings you have to purchase the roof brackets separately and you can set the pitch you want for the awning at this time. The pitch of the awning is preset at the factory at a 29 – inch drop, but you can lower it to 45 inches.

The same motor as in the Pro Motorized Sunsetter awning also powers the regular models of Sunsetter awnings. They also opens easily with one touch of the remote control. The only difference with these Sunsetter retractable awnings is that you don t get the weather breaker addition. You can mount in heights as low as 7.5 feet and install it over siding, vinyl, wood or brick. The fabric of the awning is made from 5 layers giving you a rugged material that will withstand the elements of weather.

Sunsetter awnings fit most homes and offers about 182 square feet of protection. In case of a power outage, there is a manual override on the Sunsetter awning so that you can close it manually. Not only are these awnings economical and easy to use, but the Sunsetter brand leads the way in the awning industry with products unmatched by other manufacturers. The fabric is 100% waterproof and is guaranteed never to leak. When you purchase a Sunsetter awning, you have an awning that will last for years.


RL Information On The Different Types Of Cleaning Soaps Sold In Todays Cleaning And Janitorial Markets.

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There are many different types of cleaning soaps, each designed for a specific use. Here is some information on the different types of cleaning soaps sold in todays cleaning and janitorial markets.

soap, soap dispensers, soap dispenser, gojo soap, gojo soap cartridge, gojo soap refill

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Laundry soaps – These soaps are generally thought of as mild soaps used for lifting soil, grease and organic compounds from an assortment of fabrics. Laundry detergents are formulated to work under varying conditions. Laundry detergents come in powders, liquids and gels and can work in aRL water temperatures. Laundry detergents are most effective when used in warm or hot water especially when removing grease or heavy soil.

Kitchen soaps – The two main types of kitchen soaps are dish detergents and cleansers. Dish detergents are formulated to cut through grease, suspend the soil particles in the foam and leave a no residue shine. Hand dishwashing detergents are made to work at lower temperatures and usually have more grease removing capacity by producing more foam. Machine dishwasher detergents are formulated to produce less foam and work at higher temperatures. Often other agents are added to the formula to provide a no residue rinse in the final dishwashing cycle. Cleansers contain mild abrasives that help remove stubborn stains and heavy soil. Some cleansers are more abrasive than others the mildest being cream cleansers to the harshest being powdered cleansers.

Personal soaps – There are many types of personal soaps sold in today’s market. From the basic to the extravagant every soap seems to contain its own unique properties specially formulated for every particular need. Antibacterial soaps are formulated to stop the spread of bacteria and viruses by adding broad spectrum antimicrobial agents such as chloroxylenol (PCMX). Chloroxylenol kills up to 99.9% of aRL bacteria that can make you sick. Regular personal detergent soaps are designed to lift soil from the skin by suspending particles in the foam. Some personal detergent soaps contain lotions and extracts to add moisture to the skin that the detergents take out. Hair and body soaps are a multi-purpose blend that works on hair just as weRL as it cleans skin making them a great candidate for fitness clubs and schools.

Cleaning soaps – These soaps are made for cleaning soils and grease. Cleaning soaps come in light to heavy duty formulations and are great at removing soils and grease without having to use harsh abrasives.

Industrial soaps – Industrial soaps are formulated for specific tasks. They are commonly used for car washes, auto centers, and production line cleanup. These soaps usually come in 55 gal drums or large containers and are connected to pressure cleaning systems.


QD Robot Vacuums: The Modern Way Of Cleaning

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Contrary to most popular beliefs, the concept of robotics is not exactly a new form of technology. According to history, robots have been on the market for so many years now. In fact, the very first documented construction of a working robot was a masterpiece of Jacques de Vaucanson in 1738. Since then, many have attempted and triumphed in building these remarkable mechanical devices.

At RobotShop, you can find almost every kind of robot that you have long wanted. Along wi…

robots, roomba, irobot, scooba, robot toy, robot parts, robotics,, lego mindstorms,robot lawn mower

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Contrary to most popular beliefs, the concept of robotics is not exactly a new form of technology. According to history, robots have been on the market for so many years now. In fact, the very first documented construction of a working robot was a masterpiece of Jacques de Vaucanson in 1738. Since then, many have attempted and triumphed in building these remarkable mechanical devices.

At RobotShop, you can find almost every kind of robot that you have long wanted. Along with its long line of robotics, the robot vacuums come close to perfection as far as freedom from tedious work is concerned.

Of the many functions of robots, the idea to provide people with machines that facilitates and helps lighten the burden of their daily chores is the most solid reason why robots are created. That’s why manufacturers all over the world know the importance of producing robots to meet the needs of household makers, among other markets. Domestic robots are now gaining their own followers. They have been able to help housekeepers worldwide because of their efficient and speedy way of getting the job done.

Robot vacuums are not necessarily reserved to residential use only. They can also be used in shops, offices, school, etc. Built with unmatched power as far as cleaning is concerned, robot vacuums can absolutely make a huge difference in the way people utilize their time in cleaning.

One of the best things about robot vacuums is that they can absolutely clean places that are hard to reach. They have built-in sensors that can warn the robot of its current position and make sure that the robot will not trip over ledges or stairs.

At RobotShop, consumers can choose from a wide variety of robot vacuums, each design has its own remarkable functions.

On top of the list is the powerful line of iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuums. These robot vacuums are specifically built to deliver utmost productivity when it comes to cleaning. In fact, according to statistical reports, iRobot Robot Vacuums Roomba line are the top selling robot vacuums worlwide. Prices range from CAD $250 to CAD $440.

Next is the Karcher RC 3000 Robocleaner. This particular type can actually operate and do the tasks on its own. For instance, if its battery needs to recharge, or when the dustpan is already full, this robot vacuum will find its own way to the docking station. Here, the robot vacuum will also unload its dirt and dust into a 2.0 L vacuum bag.

You can also check out Metapo CleanMate personal cleaning robot. Like any robot vacuum, CleanMate is specially designed to alleviate people from the difficulties of daily cleaning. It is very versatile and can almost clean any kind of surface, from carpet to hard-to-clean surfaces like tiles and hardwood. Best of all, CleanMate is the only robot vacuum that can simultaneously do the cleaning, deodorizing, and sanitizing of the area.

Given all these facts, it can be clearly stated that the dawn of modern cleaning is at hand. With robot vacuums, people can start living a life free from the bondage of cleaning. With domestic robots, you can have more time with your family and do things that are of greater importance than holding a mop.