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London film school

London has a thriving film industry that traces its humble beginnings since before the Second World War Started. Today, a number of London film schools are successfully honing soon-to-be professionals in the film industry with effective programs and hands-on experiences in filmmaking.

The London Film School in 2006 is the oldest international school of film technique in the world. On its 50th year in operation, the London Film For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. School continues its stand as a charitable institution geared towards promoting the multi-facets of the film industry.

The London Film School is a government-subsidized institution that from the outset is promoting a diversified culture of talented individuals coming from 80 different countries. At present, only 20% of the students in LFS are from Britain. For 50 years, the London Film School has given formal training to thousands of directors, editors, cinematographers, and other professionals in the film industry all over the world.

History (1956-2006)
In 1956, Gilmore Roberts, then Principal of the Heatherley School of Fine Art, tried to establish a short course covering the basic aspects of filmmaking. However, before Roberts could completely set it up with students enrolling, the school was sold without his knowledge. With a fiery passion for filmmaking, Roberts went on to pursue the course in a converted warehouse located in Covent Garden, London.

Prior to being named the London Film School, the institution was known as the London School of Film Technique and later in 1974 became the London International Film School. Currently, the school is registered in London as a non-profit institution and charity.

The major films created in LFS received international exposure through getting played in 75 festivals including those in London, New York, San Sebastian, and Venice. The films likewise garnered numerous awards including seven top awards. In 2006, the London Film School was considered a “Skillset Screen Academy” putting a mark on it as the center of training and excellence.

LFS Courses
The London Film School believes that learning is derived from continued exposure to short films, with each film becoming technically complex sophisticated at every next level. Students will be trained on the broad aspect of film production by giving them professional training and exposing them to various equipment. Students will learn faster when their works are on constant criticism and assessment.
The LFS MA Filmmaking course is a two-year program covering an intense training on a full-range of skills due in filmmaking, taught to students at the right level of professionalism. The course covers Film Language, Practice, Synthesis, Cinematography, Sound, Editing, Production Design, Directing, Screenwriting, Production, Music, and Screen Studies. MA Screenwriting is the latest addition to the LFS courses.

Filmmaking requires hard work and choosing the right film school to equip aspiring filmmakers is no easy task. It is advised to talk with graduates or students for more insights.