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Top Birth Control Options To Choose From



There are a number of birth control options available today for sexually active men and women to choose from. With this, the article enumerates and expounds on the various methods of birth control. The will article serve as a guide to consumers in deciding which forms of birth control would best suit their lifestyle and needs.

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For men and women who are sexually active but are still not ready both financially and emotionally to start their own family and raise children, utilizing the various birth control methods available today is the best option for them to consider. Birth control is not only seen as a perfect anti-conception and protection tool, but it also promotes responsible parenting and planning.

Today, there are indeed a number of birth control options for men and women to choose from. These forms of contraception are widely available and distributed worldwide. Below is a list of birth control methods that are commonly used by millions of sexually active individuals:

1. Barrier method

One of the most common forms of birth control is the barrier method. Barrier methods include condom, cervical cap, and diaphragm.

1. Condom

Commonly referred to as rubbers, condoms are developed to provide non-permanent yet effective means of protection to men and women. Condoms are thin coverings made from animal membrane or plastic. These prevent the semen from swimming through a woman’s vagina. Condoms are preferred by many men and women for these have high efficiency rate compared to other forms of barrier birth control.

2. Cervical cap

A cervical cap is basically made from rubber that is meant to fit over a woman’s cervix. A type of barrier birth control that can only be availed with a doctor’s prescription, cervical cap prevents the sperm from entering a woman’s uterus. However, this type of birth control provides better protection to women who have never had children.

3. Diaphragm

Just like the cervical cap, a diaphragm is a reusable rubber cup that is inserted into the vagina. This is oftentimes used along with spermicide. However, using this form of barrier birth control method makes one susceptible to urinary tract infection and vaginal infection.

2. Hormonal method

Hormonal forms of contraception are popular among sexually active women, for these are notable for their efficiency in preventing pregnancy. Top examples of hormonal birth control methods include combination pills and progestin-only pills.

1. Combination pills

Combination pills are oral contraceptives that are meant to be taken daily. These pills contain progestin and estrogen hormones. When taken correctly and regularly, combination pills have over 99 percent efficiency rate.

2. Progestin-only pills

Basing on the name, progestin-only pills only contain progestin hormone. These are also commonly called as the mini-pills. Progestin-only pills are widely favored by women, for these offer over 90 percent protection rate when taken properly and regularly.

3. Intrauterine device

When it comes to the safest forms of reversible contraception, intrauterine devices are the top options to consider. Intrauterine devices are widely used in the United States since the 1980s. The two intrauterine devices that are available in the US today are copper and hormonal.

1. Copper

Copper IUD is a plastic, T-shaped frame that has two attached threads. This is inserted into the uterus to prevent conception.

2. Hormonal

Just like the copper IUD, the hormonal IUD is a plastic, T-shaped frame that is inserted into the vagina to prevent pregnancy. This also releases progestin hormone, thus, making the uterus unsuitable for conception.