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Use Digestive Enzymes to Reduce Hemorrhoid Inflammation

This article was originally written by Rudy Silva

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Using digestive enzymes when you have hemorrhoids is a good idea. Digestive enzymes help reduce inflammation, reduce fibrin, and clean the blood of foreign particles. These enzymes activities strengthen your immune system and give it more power to work on your hemorrhoids.


Bromelain is a digestive enzyme that is found in pineapple.
It’s capable of reducing inflammation and swelling and for
this reason has been used to treat hemorrhoids.

Bromelain also activates a chemical that promotes the
breakdown of fibrin. Fibrin is a chemical that repairs open
wounds, internal wounds and weak tissue by creating fibrin
deposits. If you are over 35, fibrin is not balanced with your body’s enzymes. This results in excess fibrin deposits at inflamed locations, eventually causing more sickness and disease.

To balance and control excess fibrin activity, you need to take digestive or systemic enzymes. Systemic enzymes are enzymes that work throughout the body to attack blood impurities and dissolve fibrin.

As a supplement take 500-750 mg a day. You can also add
fresh pineapple to your diet since it is high in fiber and other

Digestive and Systemic Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are used to help you digest your food
and improve your assimilation. Systemic enzymes are found
deep into our body. They are in your tissues, organs, and
cells where they help in all types of chemical reactions that
your body is involved in.

Both types of these enzymes are available in capsules so you can easily supplement your diet. Digestive enzymes help to reduce the stress you get in the rectum when your food is not properly digested. Undigested food reaching the colon eventually leads to

Take a good digestive enzyme that you can get at
health food store. Take 2 capsules with each meal.

Systemic enzymes help reduce swelling, inflammation,
improve circulation, and speed the healing of tissue. One
important fact about systemic enzymes is they eliminate
fibrin, which is at center of most inflammatory conditions
and illness.

Take systemic enzymes between meals. This allows them
reach the small intestine and get absorbed into the blood
stream where they can do their work.

Some systemic enzymes are enteric enzymes, which means
they are coated so they will not dissolve in the stomach.
This allows them to move into the small intestine where they
will be absorbed into your blood stream.

The brand Vitalzyme contains serrapeptase, a systemic
enzyme that is mix with other nutrients and enzymes. Just put Vitalzyme or serrapeptase into the goggle engine. This will bring in a flood of sites for you to chose a good systemic enzyme.